Principal Master Linecard

Art Advertising -- Decals and Labels

An industrial decal and label manufacturer since 1969. They make equipment decals and Roll labels that need custom shapes, laminates, and adhesives. They meet ANSI and NEMA standards, and comply with CSA standards. Types of Labels include:

Product Labels • Equipment Graphics • Caution and Warning Labels • Control Panel Overlays • Barcodes • 3-D Domed Decals • Label Kits • OEM Graphics • Product I.D. • Control Panels • Logo Emblems • Serial Number Tags • VIN Tags • Product Safety • Warehouse Safety • Inventory Control • Security Solutions • Facility and Site Maintenance

Advanced Rubber Products -- Polymer Insulators

Dead-end Silicone Polymer Insulators 15 kV – 69 kV ————————— RUS Accepted
Pin Type Silicone Polymer Insulators ANSI Class 55-3, 55-5 and 56-1, 56-2 & 57-7
Line Post Silicone Polymer Insulators 15 kV – 69 kV
Station Post Silicone Polymer Insulators 7.5 kV – 69 kV
Transmission Class Suspension Silicone Polymer Insulators 69 kV – 500 kV
Silicone Polymer Cutouts: 15 kV, 27 kV, & 36 kV Load break & Non-Load break
Outdoor Line Switch Disconnector 15 kV to 36 kV
InLine Switch 25 kV

ERMCO / ECI -- Distribution Transformers and Components

Distribution Transformers and Transformer Components<>Complies with all applicable ANSI and RUS Standards
Single Phase Pole Mount Step Transformer——50 kVA to 25 kVA
Single Phase Pole Mount Transformer————-1/2 kVA to 500 kVA
Single Phase Pad Mount Transformer————–5 kVA to 250 kVA
Single Phase Submersible Transformer———–15 kVA to 167 kVA
Three Phase Pad Mount Transformer————–30 kVA to 3000 kVA
Three Phase Pole Mount Rectangle—————-30 kVA to 300 kVA
Three Phase Pole Mount Round Tank————-30 kVA to 150 kVA
5 – 167 kVA Circuit Breakers for Distribution Transformer —- Low Voltage Pole mount Bushings
ECI Breaker Accessories and Related Equipment ————– High Voltage Bushing Well
Terminal Board & Bushing Mount Expulsion Fuses ———— 200 AMP,35 kV Integrated Bushing
Bayonet Type Expulsion Fuses for Distribution Transformer- Low Voltage Stud Bushing
Dry-well Fuse holders for Current-limiting Fuses —————– Eco-Pad
ECI Arrester for Distribution Transformer ————————– Anti-Tracking Kit
Arrester Disconnect Switch ——————————————– Wildlife Protection Products

Intermountain Electronics -- Portable Substation and Control House

-Dry Type Transformers: 5 KVA – 3333 KVA single phase, 50 KVA – 7500 KVA three-phase
-Portable Substation with Voltages up to 138kV
-E-Houses / DPC / MCC Buildings
-Full Switchgear package with primary switch, a transformer section, and low voltage switchgear
-Portable Power Generators using Natural Gas or Diesel Units up to 3000 KW

Kaddas Enterprises Inc. - Wildlife and Asset Protection

Kaddas Enterprises, Inc. is the Industry Leader in Wildlife and Asset Protection ~ They manufacture more than 280 products used by Power Utility companies around the globe to mitigate wildlife caused power outages for Substation, Distribution & Transmission equipment. Best of Class products, installation and training support is available. The Kaddas products are effective, efficient and extremely durable in all weather conditions.

Covers include the following:
Arresters                            Dead Ends                             Specialty Designs
Bolts                                   Line Protector                        Substation Application
Bushings                            Pole Caps                              Anti Nest
Cutouts                               Recloser                                Anti Perch

Lindsey -- T&D Hardware and Transmission Line Monitoring

-Overhead Sensors– Medium voltage current and/or voltage sensing contained within a fully mechanical rated post insulator. Now offers 0.5 % voltage accuracy.

-Underground Sensors– Medium voltage current and voltage sensing contained in a load-break or tee-body underground component. Now offers 0.5 % voltage accuracy.

-Transmission Line Monitoring– The TLM monitor provide complete picture of transmission conductor behavior in real time including actual conductor clearance-to-ground (not sag), conductor temperature, line current, and vibration measurement.

-Hardware, Fittings and Assembles for all Transmission voltage classes.

-Emergency Restoration System (ERS) for use during Natural Disasters or Planned Outages.

Midal Cables -- Overhead Line Conductor

Leader in manufacturing of bare Aluminum Conductors for transmission and distribution of electrical power. Midal is capable of, producing the follow conductors: 

AAAC -All Aluminum Alloy Conductor
AAC – All Aluminum Conductor
AACSR – Aluminum Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced
ACAR – Aluminum Conductor Alloy Reinforced
ACSR – Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced
ACSR/AS – Aluminum Conductor Aluminum Clad Steel Reinforced
ACSR/TW – Aluminum Conductor Shaped Wire Steel Reinforced
ACSS/AS – Aluminum Conductor Aluminum Clad Steel Supported
-High Thermal and HTLS Conductors
-Special Alloy Conductors

Mosdorfer -- Components for Distribution and Transmission Lines

High-quality fittings for overhead transmission and distribution lines up to 1,200 kV.
Products include:

  • Fittings for OPGW/ADSS fiber
  • Damping Systems – Spacer, Vibration and Spiral
  • End fittings for composite insulators
  • Fittings for High-temperature conductors and deep-temperature Charpy levels.
  • Armor Grip Suspension units
  • Conductor Dead-ends
  • Full Tension Conductor Splices
  • Helical Wire Fittings

NOJA Power -- System Protection

Automatic Three Phase and Single Phase Circuit Reclosers for all voltage classes up to — 15kV / 27kV / 38kV. Used for Overhead Distribution Lines as well as Substation applications.

Ground Mount Kiosks Designed for the Protection of Underground Distribution Lines. Smart Grid Ready

SFPOC -- OPGW-- A Furukawa Company

Composite Fiber Optic Overhead Ground Wire (OPGW) using Aluminum Clad Steel

Fiber count ranging from 24 to 144 strands depending on cable design.

Power Secure -- Exterior Security Area LED Lighting

Long lasting, low maintenance, highly efficient replacement for existing 100/150/175W HPS, MH and MV security lights

-Spec: 50Watt;  5000 Lumen Output;  100 Lumens Per Watt
-Solid State Ambient Light Sensor – eliminating the need for a photocell
-Transient Protection  (3rd party verified to 20kV/10kA)

Power System Integrity -- Remote Data Solutions

PSI specializes in state-of-the-art automation systems and equipment such as:

-Live Line Phase ID products with a dynamic range from 10V to 345kV

-Secondary Network Monitoring System.  Monitor the Current, Voltage, Temperature, Power Factor and Phase Angle on all three phases of network transformers and manholes.

TEEE - Dry Type Air Core Reactors and Line Traps

TEEE specializes in the design, production and sales of medium to large dry type air core reactors. TEEE can manufacture the complete range of reactors such as:

Thyristor controlled
Current Limiting
Line Traps