Virginia Linecard

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Advanced Rubber Products -- Polymer Insulators

Dead-end Silicone Polymer Insulators 15 kV – 46 kV
Line Post Silicone Polymer Insulators 15 kV – 46 kV
Station Post Silicone Polymer Insulators 7.5 kV – 36 kV
Silicone Polymer Cutouts: 15 kV, 27 kV, & 36 kV Load break & Non-Load break

EnergyLite (Solais Lighting Group) -- Exterior LED Lighting Solutions for Utilities

EnergyLite manufactures the industry’s leading exterior lighting LED fixture for security, parking lot and street lighting applications. The exterior area LED fixture spreads bright light with a durable, all-aluminum housing needed to maintain safety and enhance outdoor areas. Our EnergyLite brand is a leader in energy-efficient lighting solutions and offers a 10 year warranty.

Roadway lighting
Flood lighting
Site-Area lighting
Security lighting

Long lasting, low maintenance, highly efficient replacement for existing HPS, MH and MV lighting.

ERLPhase - Protection Relays and Recorders

ERLPhase protection relays and power system recorders use best-in-class technology to deliver high quality and reliable products for protection and monitoring of electrical power systems.

Digital fault recorders and protective relays.

  • TESLA     Fault and Event recorders
  • LPRO      Line Distance Relay
  • TPRO      Transformer Protection Relay
  • BPRO      Bus Protection Relay
  • SPRO      Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay
  • FPRO      Feeder Protection Relay

Midal Cables -- Overhead Line Conductor

Leader in manufacturing of bare Aluminum Conductors for transmission and distribution of electrical power. Midal is capable of, producing the follow conductors: 

AAAC -All Aluminum Alloy Conductor
AAC – All Aluminum Conductor
AACSR – Aluminum Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced
ACAR – Aluminum Conductor Alloy Reinforced
ACSR – Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced
ACSR/AS – Aluminum Conductor Aluminum Clad Steel Reinforced
ACSR/TW – Aluminum Conductor Shaped Wire Steel Reinforced
ACSS/AS – Aluminum Conductor Aluminum Clad Steel Supported
-High Thermal and HTLS Conductors
-Special Alloy Conductors

NOJA Power -- System Protection

Automatic Three Phase and Single Phase Circuit Reclosers for all voltage classes up to — 15kV / 27kV / 38kV. Applications in both Overhead Distribution Lines as well as Substation.

Ground Mount Kiosks Designed for the Protection of Underground Lines. Smart Grid ready and SF6 Free.

SFPOC -- OPGW-- A Furukawa Company

Composite Fiber Optic Overhead Ground Wire (OPGW) using Aluminum Clad Steel

Fiber count ranging from 24 to 144 strands depending on cable design.

TrueWave fiber is available

TSEA Energia -- Voltage Regulators & Power Transformers

TSEA has over 55 years of experience manufacturing products in Generation, Transmission and Distribution of energy, that are utilized in over 40 countries.

— Voltage Regulators up to 34.5kV

— Power Transformers up to 550MVA

— Industrial, Phase Shift, & Mobile Substation Transformers up to 138kV