New York-Long Island Linecard

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ERMCO / ECI -- Distribution Transformers and Components

Distribution Transformers and Transformer Components<>Complies with all applicable ANSI and RUS Standards
Single Phase Pole Mount Step Transformer——25 kVA to 50 kVA
Single Phase Pole Mount Transformer————-1/2 kVA to 250 kVA
Single Phase Pad Mount Transformer————–5 kVA to 250 kVA
Single Phase Submersible Transformer———–15 kVA to 167 kVA
Three Phase Pad Mount Transformer————–30 kVA to 3000 kVA
Three Phase Pole Mount Rectangle—————-30 kVA to 300 kVA
Three Phase Pole Mount Round Tank————-30 kVA to 150 kVA
5 – 167 kVA Circuit Breakers for Distribution Transformer —- Low Voltage Pole mount Bushings
ECI Breaker Accessories and Related Equipment ————– High Voltage Bushing Well
Terminal Board & Bushing Mount Expulsion Fuses ———— 200 AMP,35 kV Integrated Bushing
Bayonet Type Expulsion Fuses for Distribution Transformer- Low Voltage Stud Bushing
Dry-well Fuse holders for Current-limiting Fuses —————– Eco-Pad
ECI Arrester for Distribution Transformer ————————– Anti-Tracking Kit
Arrester Disconnect Switch ——————————————– Wildlife Protection Products

ERLPhase - Protection Relays and Recorders

ERLPhase protection relays and power system recorders use best-in-class technology to deliver high quality and reliable products for protection and monitoring of electrical power systems.

Digital fault recorders and protective relays.

  • TESLA     Fault and Event recorders
  • LPRO      Line Distance Relay
  • TPRO      Transformer Protection Relay
  • BPRO      Bus Protection Relay
  • SPRO      Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay
  • FPRO      Feeder Protection Relay

EXO -- Inspection and Asset Management Solutions

Full lifecycle supervision of asset management services that empowers utilities to proactively care for and increase the lifespan of utilities power delivery assets.

— Transmission Pole Inspection, Repair, and Distribution (wood, fiberglass, ductile, iron, steel,         and concrete)
— Distribution (concrete/steel/wood/fiberglass/ductile/iron)
— Substation (steel/wood)
— Electrical Components
— Industrial NDT Services
— Corrosion Inspection
— Steel Pole/Steel Tower Coating Inspection and Repair

Midal Cables -- Overhead Line Conductor

Leader in manufacturing of bare Aluminum Conductors for transmission and distribution of electrical power. Midal is capable of, producing the follow conductors: 

AAAC -All Aluminum Alloy Conductor
AAC – All Aluminum Conductor
AACSR – Aluminum Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced
ACAR – Aluminum Conductor Alloy Reinforced
ACSR – Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced
ACSR/AS – Aluminum Conductor Aluminum Clad Steel Reinforced
ACSR/TW – Aluminum Conductor Shaped Wire Steel Reinforced
ACSS/AS – Aluminum Conductor Aluminum Clad Steel Supported
-High Thermal and HTLS Conductors
-Special Alloy Conductors

Shemar- Transmission/Substation Polymer insulators

Transmission Polymer Insulators 69kV to 1000kV Including Substation Applications

Silicone polymer composite insulators include the following:

-Transmission & Substation Insulators
-Suspension Insulator -Hollow Composite Insulator
-Dead End Insulator
-Gas Insulated Composite Bushing
-Line Post Insulator
-Braced Post Insulator
-Station Post Insulator